Claire Carpenter - The power of the spoken word

Mother of the Bride speech

It used to be very rare, but more and more mothers are being asked to speak at their daughter's wedding. However this can be a daunting prospect, if you're not used to speaking in front of an audience. On top of that, it's your daughter's wedding day! It has to be perfect!

The first thing is, it actually doesn't have to be perfect. But it does need to be personal, warm and delivered in a way that makes your daughter proud of you.

I can help you write your speech, or help you polish a speech you have already written. If you are very nervous, don't worry, I can help you so that your nerves don't overwhelm you on the big day.

All my coaching takes place via telephone, skype, Google+ hangout or live in person if you are in or around Sussex, UK.

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